Antitabacco ambient air freshener,15 ml

Antitabacco ambient air freshener,15 ml

Antitabacco room air freshener is a natural, concentrated air freshener that will give your home an intense, long-lasting scent.

The Antitabacco air freshener gives a special fragrance, with aromatic and spicy scents.

The notes that make up the Antitabacco fragrance have a special evolution, the perfume opens with fresh, invigorating and vibrant notes, the opulent essence of the tobacco leaves combines perfectly with the spicy, aromatic notes, and the finish ends in a strong accord of woody essences and leaves. dry.

Ambient perfumes create a warm and relaxing atmosphere giving the interior / home a very special sensory dimension.

The ambient spray perfumes are the ideal solution for perfuming indoor spaces. By applying a few jets, the perfume is diffused quickly and homogeneously, managing to create a calming olfactory universe, a perfect moment of well-being and peace.

The ambient spray perfumes in our offer can be used for any type of interior space: office, hallway, living room, bedroom, car, etc. They are very easy to handle, and the bottle in which they are packed easily finds its place, including in bags, handbags.

Olfactory family: aromatic

Top notes: mint, lavender, green notes, navy, rosemary

Heart notes: tobacco leaves, jasmine, neroli, geranium, sandalwood

Base notes: coriander, moss, oak moss, cedar wood, amber (amber)

How to use:

Place the bottle upright, remove the lid and spray a few jets into the room / air at a distance of 30 cm from textiles or furniture. It can be used for any space in the house, office or car by remote spraying. It can also be sprayed on potpourri or ornamental stones. The number of sprays depends on the intensity you want to achieve.

Product type: environmental spray air freshener

Quantity: 15 ml

Precautions / Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with other surfaces. Keep away from animals.

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