Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

The Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser is a device that converts water into steam or vapor. The fragrance, aroma or smell comes from the essential oils used, mixed with water, inside the tank of the device.

This type of aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic evaporation technology. Electric vibrations turn into mechanical vibrations due to the piezoelectric effect. These mechanical vibrations move the water inside the tank so that each drop of water turns into vapors. Produced vapors are cold, which is an important aspect in terms of the qualities of essential oils, which are preserved.

Therefore, the operating principle of such a device is simple: the water evaporates and the oil molecules are released, thus creating an atmosphere with a positive effect on the mind and human health. We mention that the types of essential oils used play an important role.

But the fragrance diffuser not only diffuses the perfume, it also increases the room humidity, which is especially important in winter, when the indoor air is very dry because of the various heat sources. Water vapor eliminates dust particles, preventing them from floating in the air, which brings multiple benefits to the skin, the airways, also the eyes.

The seven (fixed or changing) lights of the aroma diffuser increase the relaxing effect of the device and can successfully replace the classical night lamps.

Benefits of using the aroma diffuser:

  • refreshes the air in the rooms, being a natural odorant
  • creates (depending on the type of essential oil used) a relaxing, soothing atmosphere, reducing the stress level
  • improves the quality of sleep
  • room humidity increases: living rooms, bedrooms, offices, hallways, etc
  • can be used even for children, being useful for cold symptoms, improving breathing
  • useful for meditation, yoga
  • a device also used in Spa centers


  • capacity: 100 ml
  • power: 5 W
  • coverage area: 10-25 square meters
  • material: PP + ABS
  • color: black and white
  • dimensions: 116 * 129 mm
  • 7-color alternative illumination (red, green, yellow, purple, pink, blue and turquoise)
  • ultrasound technology
  • power supply: USB cable (5 V)
  • USB cable length: 150 cm
  • operates continuously for 3 hours or intermittently for 6 hours
  • automatic shutdown when the tank has run out of water
  • the device is very silent
  • warranty: 12 months
  • accessories: USB cable + user manual + cleaning / cleaning brush
  • does not have a 220 V adapter

Recommendations / suggestions for use:

  • use cold water to fill the tank
  • after each use, the remaining water is discarded, let the device dry and then wipe the device reservoir with a dry cloth
  • do not leave too much water unused in the tank because germs and bacteria are formed quickly
  • do not fill the tank with a larger volume of water than indicated
General Characteristics
Material Mixt
Volume 100 ml
Color Black&White
Illumination 7 colors LED light
Power and power supply
Power supply USB
Voltage 5 V
Power 5 w

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