Other cosmetic tools

Other cosmetic tools
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Plastic pipette, 1 ml

The pipette is useful for dosing fluids, aqueous ingredients. Characteristics: Material: Low ..

0.13 €

Roll-on bottles mini-organizer

This organizer is a mini-bag specially designed for the safe storage and transport of the roll-on bo..

5.94 €

Roll-on opener

This roll-on opener is the ideal tool for removing the metal balls with which the roll-on bottles on..

1.20 €
Set of mascara brushes, 5 pieces Coming Soon

Set of mascara brushes, 5 pieces

A set of 5 brushes for mascara application, with fine hair and plastic handle. If necessary, the end..

0.96 €

Silicone cosmetic brush cleaner

The Silicone brush cleaner is a practical accessory and very easy to use in the process of cleaning ..

2.97 €

Silicone protecting sleeve for 10 ml roll-on bottles

The silicone protector is the ideal option to safely protect and carry around your roll-on bottles. ..

1.31 €

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

The Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser is a device that converts water into steam or vapor. The fragra..

35.40 €

30 bottles organizer

This bag is actually an organizer specially designed for the safe storage and transport of the bottl..

23.52 €

Aromatherapy bottle labels, set 78 pcs

The set contains labels for labeling aromatherapy bottle caps. They are suitable for the following ..

1.07 €

Cosmetic sponge

The cosmetic sponge has a special shape, it is made of a fine material, being used for applying foun..

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Eyebrow trimmer blade

The trimmer blades are tools used to adjust eyebrows or easily remove facial hair. The blades ..

2.97 €

Mini graduated glass

The graduated mini glass can be used for measuring or mixing various compositions: liquids, powders,..

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Spray pump, 20/410

The 20/410 spray pump is an atomizer used to spray various liquid, aqueous compositions.It..

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White small box

This small box is made of white cardboard, slightly glossy. It presents a simple design, but with qu..

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