1. Introduction

Navigating this site and placing an order is your default agreement with the terms and conditions detailed in the following paragraphs.

We reserve the right to make changes at any time to our site and terms and conditions without any prior notice. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to comply with them in the version published on our website at the time of your visit.


2. Using the site

The entire content of the site thecosmeticbottle.eu (text, images and graphics) is the property of RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL. The use of its content without the consent of RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL or the rightful owners is strictly prohibited and is punished according to the laws in force. The right to create a web link to the site can only be achieved by our written agreement.

Through the images and information found on the thecosmeticbottle.eu site, we try to make the images and the features of each product as accurate as possible. Prior to shipment, all products are verified, so we assume no liability and cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from improper handling or use of the products by the customer for purposes other than those suggested on the site.

We assume no liability for incomplete information or any errors found on thecosmeticbottle.eu, but we strive to update and correct the information submitted at all times.


3. Contract documents

By registering an order on the site or by sending a phone or e-mail, you agree with one of the forms of communication, by telephone or by e-mail, necessary for the conduct of the business activity or operation. We reserve the right to change the quantity of the goods in the order on justified grounds with prior notice.

The invoice is a sale-purchase contract in accordance with the legislation in force. The sale-purchase contract is deemed to have been concluded when the order is fully paid and received by the buyer.


4. Prices

The prices found on the thecosmeticbottle.eu site are up-to-date and are denominated in EURO, BRITISH POUND and USD, and include VAT.

Prices do not include transport tax. The transport fee is variable and depends of the address where the products need to be shipped and the weight of the products packed.

We reserve the right to change the sales prices displayed on the site without prior notice to the customer. We do not perceive any additional charge.


5. Placing orders

The minimum order amount is 10 EURO (corresponding amount in BRITISH POUND and USD), VAT included, without transport tax. Orders can be made:

·        online on our site by registering and creating a user account

·        by email to office@thecosmeticbottle.eu

·r   Regardless of how you make your order: by phone, email or online, please send us all the information you need to process and deliver the order under the best conditions:

·        for individuals: name / surname, delivery address (full), valid mobile phone number.

·        for legal entities: company name, identification data, billing address, delivery address (full), contact person, valid mobile phone number.

RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL reserves the right to perform the order confirmation before honoring them by contacting customers by phone.

No orders can be placed in real time for products missing from stock. The buyer (a natural person or legal entity who makes an account on thecosmeticbottle.eu and places an order) is notified if a product becomes available to order. If within 2 business days the buyer cannot be contacted by phone or give no reply to the notification received, the order will be shipped as such. The missing item will need to be ordered again, the seller (thecosmeticbottle.eu) will not send it automatically.

Any change to your placed order, please email it within 2 hours of the order being placed on the work schedule or at any time outside the work schedule by 10.00 on the next working day.

RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL reserves the right to select its customers. For justified reasons, RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL reserves the right to restrict customer access for an order or some of the payment / delivery facilities, including refusing to honor an order, if it believes that based on the customer's conduct or business on site, its actions could potentially harm RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL.


6. Payment methods

Payments for orders, irrespective of their value, can only be made in advance:

a) Bank transfer to RO57BTRLEURCRT0255196001(Euros), or RO61BTRLUSDCRT0255196001(USD), in which case the parcels will be shipped after confirmation of the amount in our bank account.

b) Online banking with EuPlatesc (Visa / Maestro / Mastercard).

If you have chosen the "Online banking card" payment method, you need to fill out a form with your card information on the secured payment processor page.

Visa and MasterCard / Visa Electron and MasterCard / Maestro Visa and MasterCard Visa and Master Card payments are made using the "3-D Secure" system developed by organizations providing on-line transactions with the same level of security as those achieved at the ATM or in the physical environment, at the merchant.

"3-D Secure" assures first that no information related to your card is transferred or stored at any time on the servers of the store or on the payment processor's servers, these data being directly entered into Visa and MasterCard systems.

Important to know! - There is no charge for bank card payments!


7. Shipping and delivery of orders

The delivery term of the products ordered on the thecosmeticbottle.eu site is up to 10 working days for all orders. Delivery of orders is done through the GLS International fast shipping company. The shipping charge variable and depends on the shipping address and weight of products ordered. The shipping cost will be reflected on the validation page during the order completion process.

Deliveries are made during the week from Monday to Friday, 9.00-17.00.

If the customer is not found at the address mentioned, the courier company's representative will return once more, upon prior contact, after which the order will be returned to our premises, with the customer subject to double transport costs, regardless of the value of the products ordered, at a later order.


8. Right of withdrawal / Return policy

Under current legislation, withdrawal from the contract is only applicable to the individual consumer. As a consumer, you have the right to renounce the purchased products without having to justify your decision to renounce and without incurring any costs other than those referred to in Article 13 (3) and Article 14 of Government Emergency Ordinance 34/2014 , within 14 days of the day you enter the physical possession of the product (s). The returned product must be in good condition, undamaged, unused. Product returns will be made at the expense of the customer, using the same shipment service as the shipment. The product return notification will be sent in writing to the email address: contact@thecosmeticbottle.eu. The returned products will be accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice and proof of payment / receipt. The seller will refund the product value within 14 (fourteen) days of the consumer informing his decision to withdraw from the contract.


9. Complaints

Any kind of complaint: Receiving products other than those ordered, missing items, billing errors, please send them to us in writing at contact@ thecosmeticbottle.eu within 3 days of receipt of the package. We do not take responsibility for complaints received after this period. Complaints will be accompanied by the following details: invoice number and order point / complaint reason and your claim for complaint resolution.


10. Processing of personal data

RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL is registered in the Register of Personal Data Processing under number 0005298. According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and the Free Movement of such Data, modified and completed, RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL has the obligation to administer in a safe and for the specified purposes, personal data that we provide. By completing the data on the account creation and / or order form, the buyer declares and unconditionally accepts that his or her personal data is included in the RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN  SRL database, and expressly and unequivocally agrees that all such personal data be stored, used and processed unlimited temporarily by RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL and its collaborators for carrying out the commercial activity of promoting goods and services, marketing, administrative, sales monitoring. By reading this document: Terms and Conditions, you are aware of the fact that you are guaranteed the rights provided by the law, namely the right to information, the right of access to data, the right to intervene, the right to object, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision , the right to appeal to the courts in case of violation of the rights guaranteed by the Law 677/2001 for the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and the Free Movement of such Data. You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and request the deletion of the data. To exercise these rights, you may address us with a written request, dated and sent to contact@thecosmeticbottle.eu or to the address of RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL located on the site. RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL can provide the data of the user and / or the buyer with personal data to other companies with which they are in partnership relations, as follows: courier and Transport Company, payment / banking services, marketing services providers.


11. Copyright, Property Rights

All content of the site is the property of RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL and is protected by the Copyright Act and the intellectual property laws. Partial or total takeover of any item retrieved on the recipientecosmetice.ro website: pictures, text, logo, pictures, without the prior written consent of RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL is punished according to the laws in force. Copying, sharing, transferring, using, reproducing or displaying content on the site is only possible with the express written consent of RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL.


12. Final provisions

All statements regarding the products found on the site www.recipientecosmetice.ro are general, correct and complete information as far as our knowledge is concerned. If our customers, irrespective of their status: natural or legal persons, use the products found on our website for professional use / production, they are solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations. In these situations, we recommend purchasing to start a limited number of products to perform the tests. RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL reserves the right to select its customers and to refuse to collaborate with those customers who display inappropriate behavior and language or have declined / unsolicited orders in history. RECIPIENTE COSMETICE CRISTIAN SRL reserves the right to make any changes regarding these provisions as well as other modifications to the structure and content of the site www.thecosmeticbottle.eu, without any prior notification to the users in this respect.


13. Cookies in Use on This Site

Cookies and how they Benefit You

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