Paper Kit pH 1-14

Paper Kit pH 1-14

The pH indicator paper allows measurement of the alkalinity or acidity of the solutions, such as that of a cosmetic composition containing water.

This is particularly useful for properly adjusting the pH of the cosmetic preparations / compositions.

The kit includes:

  • 80 tapes
  • a 1-14 pH comparison color chart


  • the indicated values ??are from 1 to 14, as follows:
    • the value between 1-3 indicates a very acidic substance
    • the value between 4-6 indicates an acidic substance
    • 7 indicates a neutral pH
    • the value between 8-11 indicates the alkalinity
    • the value between 11-14 indicates a very high level of alkalinity
  • paper sizes: 45 mm * 7 mm
  • for domestic use

Instructions for use:

- sink into the solution one end of the strip at a depth of about 5 mm for 5-10 seconds. The submerged part, as well as the close area above it, will become colored. Compare the color with the squares on the chart. The tape can still be used afterwards, you can use a scissors to remove the part thta has been already used and re-use the remaining part of the tester paper.

General Characteristics
Material Paper

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