Amber glass roll-on bottle, 15 ml, 10 pcs Set

Amber glass roll-on bottle, 15 ml, 10 pcs Set

This set set consists of:

  • 15 ml roll-on thick amber glass bottle: 10 pieces
  • mini-funnel dispensers: 1 piece
  • plastic pipette: 1 piece

The set products are packed in a  customized carton box, especially made for them. 


Set products description: 

1. 15 ml Amber Roll-on containers  are rechargeable and are suitable for the following products:

  • essential oils / oily mixtures with local application
  • perfume concentrate
  • fluid preparations both oily and light sensitive to light
  • aromatherapy compositions: anti-migraine, anti-stress, insect bites, motion sickness

The container ball is made of metal, of good quality, which ensures uniform application and dispersion of the preparations, regardless of their viscosity.


  • material: thick amber glass
  • lid: black PE
  • metal ball
  • diameter: 22 mm
  • height: 82 mm
  • volume: 15 ml

2. The mini-funnel is useful for transferring liquid or oily compositions into their dedicated container: bottles, roll-on or any other type of narrow neck container.


  • material: plastic
  • color: transparent
  • lenght: 4,2 cm
  • diameter: 3,2 cm
  • rod diameter: 0,5 cm

3. The pipette is used for the dosing of aqueous fluids or ingredients.


  • material: low density polypropylene
  • color: transparent
  • volume: 3 ml with 0.5 ml levels markings
  • lenght: 150 mm

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